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      About the company

      “Lakshmi Metal Craft Pvt. Ltd.” is founded and promoted by Mrs. Madhusmita Mahapatra who comes from a family with rich heritage in wholesale and trading of bell metal (kansa) utensils and bell metal products for temple use. The promoter understands the intricacy of bell metal craftsmanship. Madhusmita Mahapatra is also a Director in another International Trade Promotion Company that facilitates exports of Indian products to overseas for over 15 years. 

      The company is into manufacturing, export, distribution, and retail of exquisite range of bell metal dining set (Thali Set). As the name suggests, we believe in CRAFTMANSHIP and ensures the QUALITY of materials used to make the final product. Our product are food grade and LEAD free, unlike many KANSA utensils available in the market.  

      We make perfect ratio of 78-80% copper and 20-22% tin to make our Kansa (Bell Metal) Thali and other items. 


      Part of our Culture and Tradition

      In Ayurvedic medicine, Kansa metal is believed to possess therapeutic properties used in massages for relaxation, stress reduction, and treating conditions like arthritis and respiratory disorders.Besides its religious and medicinal value, Kansa metal has deep cultural roots in India. It is widely employed in crafting utensils and household items across the country, often given as wedding or housewarming gifts. The traditional process of Kansa metal production is still practiced, preserving this art form through generations of skilled artisans.

      Kansa metal, also known as bell metal, holds immense importance in Indian mythology and religious practices.

      According to Hindu myths, Lord Vishnu used a Kansa vessel to defeat the demon King Bali, aided by the sound it produced. The Puranas, Hindu texts on mythology, consider Kansa metal highly auspicious for religious ceremonies, as it purifies offerings and appeases the deities.


      Chemical Composition

      Kansa metal is an alloy made from a combination of copper and tin. The exact chemical composition of kansa metal can vary slightly depending on the specific application and the manufacturing process. However, the general composition of kansa metal is typically 78-80% copper and 20-22% tin.

      In addition to copper and tin, kansa metal may also contain small amounts of other elements, such as lead, zinc, and nickel. However, the presence of these elements is typically kept to a minimum to ensure the purity and quality of the final product.

      The proportion of copper and tin in kansa metal is carefully controlled during the manufacturing process to ensure that the final product has the desired properties. Copper provides the strength, durability, and ductility to the alloy, while tin improves the casting properties and helps to reduce the melting point of the alloy. 

      The chemical composition of kansa metal plays a significant role in determining the properties and characteristics of the final product. The alloy’s unique combination of copper and tin makes it highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation, while also providing excellent thermal conductivity and a distinctive color that is highly prized in decorative applications. Additionally, the chemical composition of kansa metal can also affect its ability to promote health and wellness, as it is believed to have numerous Ayurvedic benefits when used for cooking and eating utensils.


      Kansa utensils, also known as bronze utensils, are made from a unique alloy of copper and tin. These utensils have been used in India for centuries and are believed to have numerous health benefits. Here are some of the benefits of eating in kansa utensils:

      1. Boosts Immunity: Kansa utensils have antibacterial and antiviral properties that help to boost the immune system. The copper present in the alloy helps to fight off infections and strengthens the immune system.
      2. Enhances Digestion: The alkaline nature of the kansa metal helps to balance the pH level in the body, which aids in digestion. Eating in kansa utensils can also help to stimulate the digestive enzymes, promoting better digestion.
      3. Balances Doshas: According to Ayurveda, the kansa metal has a balancing effect on the three doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Eating in kansa utensils can help to balance these doshas and promote overall health and wellness.
      4. Maintains Body Temperature: Kansa metal has excellent heat conductivity, which helps to regulate the body temperature. Eating in kansa utensils can help to keep the body cool during summers and warm during winters.
      5. Improves Hemoglobin Levels: The copper present in the kansa metal helps to increase the hemoglobin levels in the body. This, in turn, helps to prevent anemia and other related disorders.
      6. Reduces Inflammation: The kansa metal has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce inflammation in the body. This is particularly useful for those suffering from arthritis and other inflammatory disorders.
      7. Promotes Skin Health: The copper present in the kansa metal has anti-aging properties that can help to improve skin health. Eating in kansa utensils can help to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging.

      In conclusion, eating in kansa utensils has numerous health benefits. The anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of the kansa metal help to boost the immune system and maintain overall health and wellness. Eating in kansa utensils can also help to balance the doshas, aid in digestion, regulate body temperature, increase hemoglobin levels, reduce inflammation, and promote skin health.

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